Videos are a powerful and effective tool for branding a product or a business. Videos can leave lasting impressions and communicate emotions, information and values in a simple yet lasting way. Videos can be used for branding online and on social media, but just as well for internal video branding in areas such as customer acquisition and employee training. We would be happy to advise you on the versatile possibilities in video branding.

Video Testimonials

Word of mouth advertising on steroids! A video testimonial is a simple but extremely powerful branding tool. People respond strongly to authentic and sincere words. This is exactly what you can benefit from with a testimonial! We create a suitable concept for you. Whether employee testimonial or customer testimonial, we know exactly what will work best for you.

Video Tutorial

Complex procedures, assembly instructions and user manuals can be very effectively supplemented or even completely replaced by videos. An instructional video can explain steps and procedures in a simple and clear way. Video tutorials are ideal to answer frequently asked questions but also to train and inform employees and customers.

Video Series

For those who want to take their video branding to the next level, we have a special offer. Together with you we conceptualize and produce a custom video series. Our Cinemepic vlogs have won us numerous orders, and the Mila Inside series is also a branding wonder for the company. A series of videos provides constant content and ensures widespread communication of values. We help you to come up with ideas, design and branding for your video series.

Video Tour

With the help of a video tour, spaces can be visualized and locations can be presented in an optimal way. A video tour guides the viewer through the room or building. Ideal for real estate agents, hotels and businesses that want to give their customers a comprehensive insight before the visit.

Video Post

In the realm of social media, you fight for the attention of users through numerous channels. Video is probably the most effective of the bunch. If something is moving, the user is more likely to focus on it, and if it is a high-quality, interesting video post, the attention is guaranteed to be won. Video posts can consist of footage animations or a combination of both.

Video Story

Stories have become an indispensable part of online branding. By now, every app has a story function in some way. So of course it’s even more important to be present in this form of communication. We develop video stories in the appropriate format optimized for vertical screens. As with the posts, we can access already created material or work with animations.

Video Banner

The video banner is one of the most powerful tools to capture website visitors immediately. A good banner on your homepage, ensures that the curiosity of the visitors is aroused right at the beginning, thus increasing their interest in the rest of the content. The video banner can be created from existing material, but we are also happy to design new innovative ideas for your custom banners.

Video Box

The Videobox is a very innovative video product. As a part of our content repurposing program and in collaboration with marketing agencies, we often create short 2-10 second video boxes for our clients’ websites. These video boxes are not only a special eye-catcher, but can also convey targeted emotions and information.

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