Marketing videos enable you to share your visions effectively and to reach your desired clients. Many “video-marketing providers” in South Tyrol pride themselves with pretty pictures and expensive cameras but we know that the most important aspects of successful video marketing are your goals and the impressions of the end customer. Therefore we develop various solutions for your video marketing. These solutions are much more than just pretty pictures.

Corporate Video

A good corporate video is a no brainer for every marketing plan. But what actually makes a corporate video good? Quality and i fitting style are important for sure, but what actually matters most is to communicate the mission and philosophy of the company. A good corporate video uses emotions to enhance and spread the story of the firm.


Attention! Attention! That’s the reaction a good commercial should cause. A commercial video needs to polarize, therefore it needs a clever Concept. That’s where we come into play. We create stunning concepts for your commercials and produce them in maximum quality. We know exactly what matters most: How to touch the end consumer the most?

Product Video

Video has proven to be a wonderful tool to showcase products, their features and usage in a spectacular fashion. In our studio there are countless ways to produce innovative high quality product videos for any kind of product. We often even build sets and special contraptions to create never before seen angles and scenery.

Video Ads

Ads on social media and on the internet in general are way more effective when they use video content. Properly set up ads are revenue generating assets. We can guide you through the setup of effective ads and produce powerful videos for them to generate the desired response and impact.

Commercial Campaign

Campaigns are optimal for businesses that want to showcase multiple business units or themes. Mostly in the tourism sector we produce huge campaigns covering various topics. A powerful advantage of campaigns is that they generate multiple videos and photos that share the same concept, look and feel. 

About Us Video

The about us video is a special form of the corporate video. We have designed this concept especially for smaller businesses, because it can be realized with a relatively modest budget. In this video you are the one telling the story of your business through an interview. This gives the video a really authentic feel and generates trust in the viewers.

Hotel Video

For our dear Hotel clients we have some special offers. For Tourism Brands it is very important to share information and create emotions. A great hotel video creates a feeling of interest, desire and longing for a vacation. But at the same time it has to inform and educate the viewer about the possibilities and offers of the business. To stand out from the masses you need a powerful video that shows your unique benefits and features and that creates the desire for a vacation.

Recruiting Video

Recruiting is also a sector where video provides powerful possibilities. We have already created more than 500 recruiting videos for Karriere Südtirol and our other clients. Videos are effective tools to filter through applicants and generate interest in the personel that’s right for the job. We know exactly how we can help you to get new interesting job applications through video.

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