That's why your video marketing belongs in professional hands

Do you want to finally get off to a successful start with video marketing in 2024, but have no idea where to start? The right partner at your side is essential for your success in video marketing.

Getting started with video marketing

The right partner at your side is essential for your success in video marketing. From a strategy that is precisely tailored to your company, to the right format and successful distribution of your videos, you can achieve your goals most effectively with the right partner.

Video marketing? What is it, and what’s the hype all about?

Video is the number one content format and the most effective way to build your brand, reach your target group and strengthen your employer branding. Video marketing focuses on an effective video strategy that enables you to address your target group precisely and thus achieve your defined goals, be it more sales, more customers or more employees, as efficiently and performance-oriented as possible.

Videos are the ideal marketing tool because they are

    • easy to consume,
    • can be highly emotionalizing,
    • inform better than static images
    • and thus create trust & convince users faster.
Videos also have very relevant SEO benefits for your company. Your company is 53 times more likely to appear first on Google, if you have embedded a video on your website.
Effective video marketing therefore means more attention for your company, more website visits, more customers and ultimately more sales.

How exactly do you get started with video marketing, and what do you need to bear in mind?

In order for your videos to become an effective marketing tool, you need a precise strategy. We at Cinemepic therefore take a close look at your situation in a strategy meeting. For an effective strategy, it is essential to understand what challenges a company faces, what problems it wants to solve and what goals it wants to achieve. It is equally important to define a precise target group for precisely these goals, and to use this as the basis for a targeted approach to this target group. Once this framework has been defined, the next step is to determine the right type of video.
The right type of video is also crucial for your success. Based on our experience in recent years, we have therefore developed very specific products that help companies achieve their desired goals faster.

StorySellerIdeal for all industries

StorySellers are videos that convince your target group of your offer in the shortest possible time. This type of video works for all offers and services and can also be used for vacancies in your company.

Clipflows© – Ideal for consulting-intensive offers

Clipflows© are digital consultants who can explain your offer convincingly on your website. They can be used, for example, for digital hotel tours or insights into your showroom to explain the scope of your offer to potential customers in more detail.

Shortcuts – ideal for performance marketing

Shortcuts are videos with a clear focus on a specific goal, which are then used in social media campaigns and thus distributed effectively and efficiently to the desired target group.

Social Recruiting & Employer Branding – Ideal for finding applicants for vacancies

For social recruiting, we create specific videos that appeal convincingly to potential candidates. These videos are then incorporated into social media campaigns to reach the desired target group quickly & cost-effectively and generate applicants for our clients on an ongoing basis.
And once you have your personal strategy and the right type of video, there’s just one thing missing: the right use and distribution of your videos! And this is exactly where Performance Marketing comes into play.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is the most efficient, cost-effective and fastest way to distribute your videos to the right target group and generate the desired attention for your message. Your target group is reached exactly where they are by means of targeted marketing campaigns and all interactions with your videos are measured and analyzed on a daily basis. Based on this data, the performance of the campaigns can be continuously optimized to guarantee the best possible efficiency. We do performance marketing along the entire marketing funnel. For both B2C and B2B customers. This means that we convert potential customers into returning customers by addressing them with specific advertising material in order to carry out a specific action. As a result, each target group is provided with relevant information, depending on the touchpoints reached, and can thus be more easily convinced to perform a desired action.
If you would like to find out more about what video marketing, social recruiting or performance marketing could look like in your company, feel free to contact us for a non-binding strategy discussion.

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