We make authentic real again

In a world full of "fake it till you make it" agencies without VAT numbers, employees, processes or real offices, we show how a real company works.

Real, without compromise

Being authentic is more than just a buzzword for us. Nowadays, everyone wants to advertise with it, but for us, being authentic means being genuine and never pretending. While everyone on Linkedin wants to attract attention with their virtue signaling posts (posts that only jump on a trend in order to look better to like-minded people, regardless of how they themselves feel about this trend), we are here in our office and live real agency life. With all its ups and downs. We celebrate new annual contracts with champagne and pull ourselves together when processes don’t work as well as they should. While others try to be gentle and politically correct so as not to put anyone off, we don’t even think about what anyone might think of us because we know we want to be real. We don’t want to please everyone and that’s why we attract a community of people who share the same attitude.

Strong values in a fragile world

What makes a real life for us are strong values that we want to live without reservation. Values with background and fundamental power, not wishy-washy trend values.</span   Personal responsibility is always our top priority. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, thoughts, appearance and ultimately for their own success! This basic value strengthens a culture that can work independently and with confidence. Everyone can rely on everyone else because everyone can rely on themselves! No one is looking for someone to blame because everyone knows what they have contributed and takes responsibility for themselves.   Growth is another strong core value that we want to live by. We want to grow and improve together in every situation. Every project, every campaign, every idea should be our best. Those who stand still will perish, those who grow will thrive! This also includes individual growth. Everyone feels obliged to do their job better, to become better, to master situations better. This culture allows people to make mistakes and learn from them. Everyone knows that a mistake is just a stumbling block on the road to success.   We want to be a culture with constructive criticism. We want to motivate each other to give our best in every situation. We can achieve much more with positive feedback and constructive criticism than we can with taunts, accusations and insults. This goes hand in hand with personal responsibility. Everyone should do their best on their own initiative and work conscientiously so that feedback from others can always be constructive. This is how we promote further development and avoid disputes.

The reasonable person adapts to the world. The unreasonable person insists that the world must conform to them.

Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

– George Bernard Shaw

Progress is one of the most important topics in a start-up like ours. We want to constantly strive to move forward. We promote progress in the company as well as personal progress. To keep up with the times, we keep an eye on trends and innovations and try to implement them quickly. However, we don’t just want to be followers, but trendsetters. By looking to the future, we manage to be innovative and always stay one step ahead of the rest.
The top priority in all situations, however, is the cohesion of the crew. We want a culture in which everyone feels comfortable, in which everyone supports and encourages each other, and in which everyone challenges and helps each other to the next level.
Crew cohesion is more important to us than any partner or customer, more important than being liked or making sales.

Together we are the strongest. If we are divided, we won’t get anywhere.

Cigars and parties

During the filming of one of our annual reviews, the question arose as to whether we really wanted to smoke cigars in the video. You could scare off the viewers! For a brief moment, we played with the idea of doing a completely „normal“ interview. But do we really want to be normal? Or do we want to be real?

When normal stands for average, fake and mediocre, we will always choose to be REAL.

Will this behavior deter certain people? Yes, of course it will. GOOD! We will never be able to please everyone. This is in direct contradiction with the credo of being real! For us, that means being authentic, living genuinely.
No more washed-out authenticity, we want more REAL LIFE!

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