Is video marketing the right strategy for your company?

Companies are often undecided as to whether video marketing is the right strategy for them. There are 4 relevant points to consider on the way to this decision.

Is video marketing the right strategy for your company?

Companies are often undecided whether video marketing is the right strategy for them. It should be said in advance that not every company is suitable for implementing a strategic video marketing strategy.
Relevant points to consider on the way to this decision involve a company’s growth ambitions & goals, as well as the product or services being offered and an understanding of investing in relevant strategies.
In the following 4 points, we take a closer look at these relevant decision factors.

1. Ambitions to make your business successful

Businesses with ambitious growth plans that want to scale their customer portfolio & sales and increase their visibility in the market will benefit most from video marketing. If you, as an entrepreneur, are only focused on generating a comfortable income, then video marketing is not a suitable measure.
Video marketing makes sense if your ambition is to build a fast-growing and scalable profitable business.

2. A relevant offer

The biggest growth ambitions may not be realistic if your product or service has no relevance in the market and does not create any real value for potential customers. Your offering is the backbone of your growth and revenue potential.
A relevant offer, no matter how complex or high-priced, can be successfully and rapidly disseminated to the defined target groups using video marketing.
According to Video Marketing Statistics 2024, 82% of users report that they were persuaded to buy a product or service by watching a video.

3. Defined goals

Your decision to implement a video marketing strategy should not only be in line with your growth plans, but also with your goals.
Clearly defined goals, such as generating more new customers or increasing awareness in the market, show your understanding of the path to success and form an essential component of your video marketing strategy.

4. Ambition to invest in relevant strategies

Traditional strategies, such as newspaper ads & brochures, have little relevance in today’s digital landscape. Users crave engaging, informative content that grabs their attention in a short space of time and arouses interest in new offers. The consumption of videos in particular has increased significantly in recent years, as they can emotionalize incredibly quickly and are much easier to consume on the go.
Companies that are not prepared to understand their target group and respond to their needs have unfortunately not understood the enormous potential of video marketing.
When asked how users prefer to learn more about a product or service, 44% say they prefer videos.


If you can now say a definite „yes“ to all relevant decision factors, then your company can actually benefit enormously from a video marketing strategy and gain a major advantage over your competitors.
Video marketing is the number one strategy to successfully scale your business, it’s not for nothing that 91% of companies already rely on videos as a marketing tool and 90% say that videos have also brought them a good ROI.
In fact, you can now take the first step to getting a video marketing strategy designed just for your business.
Contact us for your free initial consultation, and we’ll discuss your desired results and show you exactly how we can achieve them with video marketing.

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