Achieving corporate goals with video marketing

The use of strategic videos in conjunction with performance marketing offers an effective solution to generate more visibility, more inquiries, more applications and more understanding of the offer.

Achieving business goals with video marketing

Companies are constantly facing new challenges. Sometimes the order situation is weak, sometimes there is a lack of suitable employees. Often there are too few bookings, or the target group does not understand the offer well enough to buy. Behind all these difficulties are communication hurdles. The right target group is not yet sure enough about something to take action. The use of strategic videos in conjunction with performance marketing offers an effective solution for precisely these business objectives.

1. More visibility for your company

The visibility of a company is the key to its success. It’s about standing out in the crowded digital landscape and attracting the attention of potential customers. This is where video marketing can make a huge contribution. By creating and publishing engaging videos, a brand can significantly increase its presence on various platforms such as social media, websites and video platforms. These videos could be short commercials, informative corporate videos or inspiring stories about the company and its employees. By regularly producing high-quality videos and distributing them in a targeted manner, companies can attract the attention of their target group. Performance marketing plays a crucial role here. By placing targeted ads, the reach of the videos can be maximized in a controlled manner. By analyzing data and continuously optimizing campaigns, companies can ensure that their videos are seen by the right target group at the right time. Through targeted ads, they can ensure that their message reaches the right people, effectively increasing their visibility.

2. More inquiries or bookings

Another important business objective is to generate inquiries (company) or bookings (hotel). This means encouraging potential customers to take action and get in touch with the company. Various types of videos can be used here, such as emotional commercials, customer testimonials or product presentations. The targeted structure of the videos and clear calls to action encourage viewers to take action and find out more about the offer or contact the company directly. Performance marketing is again the ideal partner here, as it allows you to increase conversion rates in a targeted manner and reduce the costs per inquiry. Strategically placed ads can target potential customers when they are most receptive, making them more likely to make an inquiry or booking. Through continuous testing and customization, businesses can maximize their marketing success and see a steady increase in inquiries and bookings.

3. Generate applicants

For companies looking for qualified employees, video marketing can be a powerful recruitment method, especially through the integration of social recruiting methods. Career videos, employee interviews and insights into everyday working life offer potential applicants an authentic insight into the company culture and career opportunities. By using social media campaigns, companies can target their videos to candidates that match their requirements. In addition, ads can be designed to allow applicants to apply directly via social media. By integrating social recruiting into their video marketing strategy, companies can get a targeted grip on their workload and grow in a predictable way.

4. Strengthen understanding of the offer

Sometimes it is not enough for potential customers to know that a company exists – they also need to understand what the company offers and why it is relevant. This is where explainer videos or our digital video consultation tool Clipflows© can come into play, providing interactive advice to viewers by linking different videos together. These interactive video experiences can help viewers better understand the company’s offering by guiding them through different aspects and providing them with relevant information. By integrating forms and direct contact options, potential customers can more easily make an inquiry and make an informed decision. Our Clipflows© tool can help to strengthen the understanding of a company’s offering and convince potential customers.
Overall, video marketing offers a powerful way for companies to achieve their goals. Through the targeted use of videos, companies can increase their visibility, generate inquiries or bookings, attract qualified applicants and strengthen understanding of their offering.

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