Software license sales through strong video marketing

How an innovative video marketing campaign helped PaletteCAD to success

In the world of 3D design and architectural software, there are a multitude of options. But how do you stand out in this highly competitive environment and win over potential customers? The answer often lies in a creative and effective marketing strategy, which we have successfully implemented with our latest video marketing campaign for PaletteCAD.
The centerpiece of our collaboration with PaletteCAD was the development of an interactive video consultant on the company’s website. By cleverly linking various video clips, we offer visitors not only information but also practical advice in real time. This interactivity allows potential customers to gain tailored insights into PaletteCAD’s capabilities, resulting in a higher engagement rate and ultimately more conversions.
But that’s not all – we also launched a broad advertising campaign on social media platforms. Using specially developed advertising clips, we piqued the interest of the target group and encouraged them to take a closer look at the software. This creative approach to video marketing has helped to significantly increase the campaign’s reach and engage potential customers on multiple channels. And the results speak for themselves: PaletteCAD recorded over 100 inquiries in the first month after the campaign was launched. This impressive response is a clear sign that our video marketing strategy is not only effective, but also inspires the trust and interest of the target group.
As a video marketing agency, we are proud to contribute to the success of our clients like PaletteCAD. Through our innovative approach to video marketing, we have been able to demonstrate that creative storytelling and strategic linking of clips is a powerful way to reach and persuade potential customers. With this successful campaign, we set the benchmark in the industry and proved once again that an intelligent marketing strategy can make all the difference.

15 videos | 100 requests/month | €5.36/lead

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